Sabatinis Gourmet Foods can provide a full menu selection to any on-site cafeteria. We have a full range of foods from rice pilaf and sautéed vegetables to meatloaf and pork loin. Our wide selection of salads, entrees, and sides are sure to please a diverse clientele.

Sabatini's Gourmet Foods Core Competencies

Potato Side Dishes:
- Mashed or Scalloped potatoes (all natural from fresh potatoes, choice of flavoured and sweet)
- Seasoned and Oven Roasted (eg. Greek Style)
- Bulk pack under Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), up to 2.7kg/tray 

Rice Side Dishes:
- Fried Rice
- Rice Pilaf
- Ethnic (Basmati, Greek, Mexican)
- Bulk pack under Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), up to 2.7kg/tray

Grilled and Sautéed Vegetables:
- Roasted Red Peppers, Zucchini, Eggplant, Mushrooms, Rapini
- Fresh flame roasted
- Caramelized Onions
- Roasted Garlic
- Bulk pack under Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) Up to 2.7kg/tray

Entrée Components (ethnic formulations available):
- Chow Mein (other Asian Noodle Dishes available)
- Protein dishes (eg. Beef & Broccoli, Butter Chicken, Szechwan Chicken, etc.)
- Greek  Chicken Souvlaki
- Tex Mex (Burrito and Fajita components)
- Bulk pack under Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), up to 2.7kg/tray

Fully Cooked Pastas:
- Fully cooked pastas with matching sauces for store prepared entrees
- Pasta Sauce is portioned to sauce the pasta in 1 Tray intervals for ease of use

Fully Cooked Value Added Proteins:
- Meatloaf
- Seasoned Pork Loin
- Marinated Flank Steak
- Beef Goulash
- Chicken Curry

Sauces & Soups:
- Hot Packed up to 4.5kg bag
- Tub/Pail Packed from 250g to 4kg, custom larger pails available
- Fresh Pestos (Several flavours and formulations available)

Fresh Dips & Dressings:
- Specializing in natural ingredient declaration and premium inclusions (eg: Real Blue Cheese Dressing, Raspberry Vinaigrette with real Fruit)
- Bulk Pack Fresh Salsa and Bruscetta

Baked Quiche & Meat Pies:
- Fresh or Frozen
- Fully Cooked
- Raw to be Cooked
- All components available for a quiche/pie program (egg mixtures, pie fillings, empty shells)

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